Whisper High Velocity Exhaust Fan – small

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For bathrooms, laundry, kitchen to other spaces that require ventilation to the outside.



The Whisper High Velocity Exhaust Fan is a powerful heavy-duty fan with a high flow design. The fan also has a practical, slimline grille which can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • High performance quiet, long life, ball bearing motor
  • High volume extraction to remove excess steam and odours.
  • Attractive, compact low profile design
  • Removable grille cover for easy cleaning
  • Features easy installation clamps to secure fan into place, and draft stopper to prevent unwanted airflow coming back through the exhaust fan.
  • Includes 900mm cord and 3-pin plug
  • Available in two different sizes.
Datasheet_Whisper Exhaust (18203-18204)Installation Manual